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Playful Family



We are a grassroots organization comprised of ordinary, concerned citizens desiring to see kids thrive in an optimal learning environment that nurtures every opportunity for growth and learning.

Our thinking influences our actions. The values and ideologies presently taught in our schools directly correlates with each issue of concern we see in our culture today. We have to attack the root, the opinions and perspectives taught in schools, if we want to create sustainable, positive change in our country. Unless we stand unified, we will not be able to fight the changes that have been seeding our culture the last four decades.


We believe in standing strong, but doing so respectfully, rather than resorting to their tactics of shame and mockery. We need to push back with truth to reveal the detrimental impact of their ideas. Because public schools are raising up the next generation of leaders, neighbors, employees and employers, it behooves all of us to take an interest in public education, engaging and taking action when necessary, to ensure the curriculum and ideologies being taught align with the traditional values our country was founded on.



Thank you for sharing!*Stories from students under the age of 18 will not be shared without parental consent.