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Salem Keizer We Stand Together is a grass roots organization of citizens striving to striving to educate, equip, and encourage our community to respectfully engage with one voice for parent’s rights, educational transparency, equal opportunity, academic excellence, and school choice for every student. 


We are a grassroots organization comprised of ordinary, concerned citizens desiring to see kids thrive in an optimal learning environment that nurtures every opportunity for growth and learning. Our goal is to influence the narrative and to create positive change. We all desire to live in a society that is productive, humming, and happy. To get there we have to change society’s perspective, which starts at school. 


We equip and encourage parents and others to engage effectively in multiple arenas throughout the community. We are all better as a community when more of us participate. Our emphasis is on returning public education to a place of excellence that puts kids first. We want to replace identity politics and social activism with critical thinking, personal determination, and objective truth. 


Instead of raised fists, we strive to engage firmly, but respectfully with linked arms, believing that together we can be a powerful force raising up the next generation and guiding our culture. Our hope is that we can encourage all of the organizations that support traditional values to unite with one voice to create positive change for our kids, because we are stronger together.


“Our choices do count. Our voice and votes do count. If we don’t speak up at Starbucks and if we don’t speak up across the backyard fence, if we don’t write letters to the editor when we read things in the newspaper, then we are pushing culture the other way.” Joni Eareckson Tada 



●  February: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) & Personal Records Request (PRR) presented by Jeanette Schade, Founder of Build Back Basics in Education & Chief Intelligence Officer at Free Oregon

●  March: Social Justice and Disciplinary Changes presented by Jenny Maguire, former SKPS Behavior Specialist

●  April: Curriculum Changes presented by Beth Freeborn, former SKPS Elementary Principal

○ April 22: “Whose Children Are They?” Documentary

● May: Two School Choice Petition presented by Donna Kreitzberg, Attorney, Accountant, & founder of

Education Freedom for Oregon
○ May 22: “Whose Children Are They?” Documentary , with an introduction by Angela Plowhead,

Clinical Psychologist & candidate for Congress, regarding Transgenderism and mental health

●  June: Educational Rights of Parents & Students presented by Beth Jones, Civil Rights Attorney and

Candidate for State Representative

●  “Did You Know?” Breakfast presented by SKWST and CAN



  1. Feb 8, 2022: Supporting Mask Choice on Lancaster Drive (outside the District Office)

  2. Feb 18, 2022: Supporting Mask Choice on Commercial Street (outside Student Services)

  3. April 11, 2022: Protesting SKPS’s New Transgender Policies, in conjunction with Oregon Mom’s Union
    (outside Student Services)



●  KGW Channel 8 on April 22: "The Story" - School Violence & the Waldo Staff letter with Jenny Maguire

●  Fox12 on May 31: interview with Jenny Maguire regarding School Resource Officers (SROs)

●  KYKN ( multiple times) with Casity Troutt, Linda Farrington, Jenny Maguire, & others

●  KSLM (multiple times) with Linda Farrington, Jenny Maguire, & others

●  “Get Real with Rick Dancer” on July 11: Interview with Jenny Maguire

●  May 12, 2022 Casity TV interview with Stan Pulliam, candidate for Oregon Governor

●  Various News Articles about SKWST in Keizer Times, NW Observer, Salem Reporter, Salem Journal, Statesman Journal, Yamhill Advocate, The Iron Patriot, & Epoch Times, reporting on SKWST as an organization, Mask Choice Rallies, Transgender Rally, SKWST’s Response to Transgender Policies, and much more. Examples include:

○  A Tale of Corruption in Salem-Keizer Public Schools

○  Children’s Book on Racism to Remain in SK Libraries Following Parent Challenge



Marion County Commissioners’ meetings (Monthly) Food for Thought meetings (monthly)
Salem Leadership Foundation Lunches (monthly) Hope Network Meetings (monthly)

Open Letter to Superintendent Perry regarding Stamped For Kids
School Superintendent Community Survey shared in February (no longer accepting responses) Attended Salem-Creekside Rotary Club’s May meeting


●  Filed Complaints advocating for change in District Policies/Procedures

●  Filed Personal Records Requests to expose:

○  Lack of transparency.

○  Potential inappropriate use of money/expenditures

○  Communication between board chair and superintendent

●  Challenged the book, Stamped For Kids, through new district Reconsideration Process

●  Coordinated speakers for School Board Meetings by promoting monthly meetings, recruiting speakers, and

submitting written and oral testimony regarding critical issues such as school safety (or lack thereof), mask choice, transparency, parents rights, civil rights, etc.



●  Implicit Bias training for teachers and district staff

●  Waldo Staff Letter regarding classroom chaos and school violence

●  Transgender Policies and Transition Plan

●  Introduction of Gender Pronoun Buttons

●  Inappropriate library books - Stamped For Kids, Gender Queer, etc.

●  Teacher arrested at Judson Middle School for (allegedly) sharing nude photos with a student

●  Anti Trump/Antifa Teacher at Walker Middle School (now on administrative leave)

●  Sprague students (girls) uncomfortable with transgender, biological males using girls restrooms and locker

rooms at will

●  Linda Testified at a custody trial about the School District’s lack of transparency over transgender issues.



●  Hope Network, whose mission is to encourage and empower educators and school staff

●  January 8, 2022: Linda Farrington & Beth Freeborn attended Newberg Rally in support of conservative

school board members

●  January 8, 2022: Jenny Maguire spoke about mask & vaccine requirements at Oregon Mom’s Union in

North Gresham

●  January 17, 2022: Linda Farrington and Beth Freeborn attended Silverton Forum on Education presented by

Parents Rights in Education

●  May 6, 2022: Linda Farrington, Casity Troutt, and Beth Freeborn attended Renew Fundraiser for Simonka House

●  May 20, 2022: Linda Farrington, Beth Freeborn, and Tracey Pratt attended Blue Jean Ball Fundraiser for

The Hundred Acre Academy & Foundation

● May 28, 2022: Anti-Bullying Rally at the Capitol with Vanessa Lynn


Preserving the nuclear family and supporting family engagement is vital to community health.

Parents are the most important advocate of their child.

Educational excellence is possible for every student

Absolute truth provides a plumb line for behavior.

Honesty and transparency are vital for trust.

Every individual is intrinsically important

Persistence wins!

We will never give up fighting for our children's futures.

We are stronger when we work together.


Thank you for sharing!*Stories from students under the age of 18 will not be shared without parental consent.

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