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Submit Comments to the School Board

Salem Keizer School Board meetings are held every second Tuesday at 6 pm. For now the school board meetings are still closed.On the school board website, the agenda is posted on the Friday afternoon before the school board meeting. The zoom link is also posted on the website:

Once the agenda is posted we can submit comments by clicking the link until

Monday at 3 pm

We suggest always posting written comments under a spouse or friend's name and sign up to speak. That way your comments will always become part of the public record even if you don't get called on to speak. Speakers get 3 minutes. Written comments must be less than 375 words. 

We also suggest emailing your comments to the entire school board and other community members and media in order to encourage the Board to respond to you and not overlook your concerns. Our email is

COPY AND PASTE THESE EMAIL ADDRESSES TO CC COMMENTS TO: Osvaldo Avila ,, Satya Chandragiri , Ashley Carson Cottingham ,, "" , Maria Hinojos Pressey , Superintendent Christy Perry ,, Cc:,, Raquel Moore-Green, Rachel Alexander , "Pate, Natalie" , Denise Quinn Nanke , Cynthia Ramirez

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School Board Elections
May 2023
Meet our endorsed candidates

This is the most important way to influence the culture!

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Your VOTE matters

Voters can check their current registration status at 
under the My Vote tab


Salem, Oregon, has 8 wards, which are districts of the city used for political purposes. Use this interactive map to find a ward or the nearest neighborhood association. Salem is divided into eight wards, each represented by a City Councilor.


Submitting your opinion to Statesman Journal
Use or send an e-mail with your letter, rant or guest opinion to
They cannot accept WordPerfect or PDF letters.
Additional guidelines:
Length: 200 words or fewer for letters; 500 words or fewer for guest opinions.
The Statesman Journal welcomes letters, brief rants and guest opinions, particularly from people who live, work or attend school in the Mid-Valley. We receive thousands of letters every year. Not all can be published.

Working on Laptop

Tips to Increase the Odds that your Submission will be Published:

  • Write about a current issue of widespread local interest.

  • Make it original. Write it yourself. Don't submit copies of letters submitted elsewhere. Don't use a form letter from an organization. If we think your letter sounds like part of a campaign, it doesn't stand a chance

  • State your view instead of quoting others. We do not publish extensive quotations

  • Set an example by being civil. There's an important distinction between referring to a policy as idiotic and calling someone an idiot

  • If you're referring to a previous item in the Statesman Journal, please include the date and title of that item and whether it was in print or online.

  • Remember that all submissions are subject to editing for length, grammar, accuracy, libel concerns, clarity and other issues. (Unfortunately, because of time constraints, we cannot offer you pre-publication review of your edited submission. Everything published in a newspaper is subject to editing, and editing often happens on deadline.)

  • A submission, even if it falls within our word limits, still might have to be shortened for publication due to space configurations on that day.

  • E-mail submissions are greatly preferred because we don't have to retype them into our publishing system.

Business Meeting


Danielle Bethell

(503) 588-5212

Kevin Cameron
(503) 588-5212

Colm Willis

(503) 588-5212

Lyle Mordhorst

(503) 623-8173

Craig Pope

(503) 623-8173

Jeremy Gordon

(503) 623-8173

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