Your VOTE matters

This is the most important way to influence the culture!

VOTING DAY is November 8th, 2022
Ballots must be received or mailed with a valid postmark by >>8 pm<< Nov 8, 2022 to count. 

Voters can check their current registration status at under the My Vote tab

 In 2021 the Legislature passed a new law to allow ballots postmarked by Election Day to be on time even if they arrive at an election office after Election Day. This improvement ensures that every vote cast by 8 PM on Election Day gets counted. It may also delay the results of close races because it will take a few days for all on-time votes to be counted.

For more information about voting in Oregon or if you think your rights as a voter have been violated 1 866 673 8683

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1 800 735 2900

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The problem is everyone knows that elections should be safe and fair. Individual states control election laws. But we don’t have adequate laws at the state level to ensure it.

So what do we do?

Complain on social media? NO.

Not vote because people cheat? NO.
Wait for the next presidential election? NO.

But there is an answer.

Election laws are changed by your state representatives. So your state representative is who you have to talk to, and there is an organization who can help you do that,

RESEARCH HAS PROVED the most effective way to change a policymaker’s opinion is a written and signed note from a constituent from the policymaker’s district. This organization will help you do that.


Salem, Oregon, has 8 wards, which are districts of the city used for political purposes. Use this interactive map to find a ward or the nearest neighborhood association. Salem is divided into eight wards, each represented by a City Councilor.




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Submitting your opinion to Statesman Journal
Use or send an e-mail with your letter, rant or guest opinion to
They cannot accept WordPerfect or PDF letters.

Additional guidelines:
Length: 200 words or fewer for letters; 500 words or fewer for guest opinions.

The Statesman Journal welcomes letters, brief rants and guest opinions, particularly from people who live, work or attend school in the Mid-Valley. We receive thousands of letters every year. Not all can be published.

Tips to Increase the Odds that your Submission will be Published:

  • Write about a current issue of widespread local interest.

  • Make it original. Write it yourself. Don't submit copies of letters submitted elsewhere. Don't use a form letter from an organization. If we think your letter sounds like part of a campaign, it doesn't stand a chance

  • State your view instead of quoting others. We do not publish extensive quotations

  • Set an example by being civil. There's an important distinction between referring to a policy as idiotic and calling someone an idiot

  • If you're referring to a previous item in the Statesman Journal, please include the date and title of that item and whether it was in print or online.

  • Remember that all submissions are subject to editing for length, grammar, accuracy, libel concerns, clarity and other issues. (Unfortunately, because of time constraints, we cannot offer you pre-publication review of your edited submission. Everything published in a newspaper is subject to editing, and editing often happens on deadline.)

  • A submission, even if it falls within our word limits, still might have to be shortened for publication due to space configurations on that day.

  • E-mail submissions are greatly preferred because we don't have to retype them into our publishing system.


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Danielle Bethell

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Marion County Health Department

  Choose Health and Human Services to leave a comment

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Lyle Mordhorst

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Polk County Health Department

Health Services Director, Noelle Carroll