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Homeschool & Learning Pods 

According to ODE: Home Schooling is an educational option in Oregon. Families who choose to home school children in their care must do the following items, pursuant to Oregon Administrative Rule 581-021-0026:

  1. Write a letter to the Prinicipal that you are withdrawing your child from public school  and plan to homeschool. 

  2.  Here is a sample letter you can use as a guide:

Dear [Principal’s name],

I am writing to formally withdraw my child, [child’s name], from [school name]. We have decided to homeschool [him/her] starting [date].

Please send [him/her] any transcripts or records that may be necessary for [him/her] to continue [his/her] education. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


[Your name]

[Your contact information]

  1. Notify the local Education Service District (ESD) of intent to home school (ESD Homeschool Websites) within 10 days of withdrawing from public or private school

  2. Coordinate with Home School Tester(s) to assess student growth at the end of grade levels 3, 5, 8, and 10 (testing begins 18 months after notification)

  3. Submit test results to local ESD when requested

Who PAYS for schooling?

The parent pays for homeschool and private schools  

The Oregon Department of Education pays for public schools and public charter schools. 

BEWARE, with money comes obligations...  This is why many parents choose not to use the funds that can be helpful if choosing a public charter school. They don't want the government to have control over their activities or learning materials. 


 The Oregon Law Re Funding of Schools


Federal School Funds: A district or public agency must control and administer the CARES Act funds; no funds may go directly to a private school. Funding does not have to be used at only Title I served schools nor for only Title I eligible students. Activities allowed under any federal education grant such as IDEA, Title I, Title II, Title III, Title IV, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Perkins, or McKinney-Vento, are allowed under CARES. Non-public school Activities must be non-ideological, secular, and neutral in nature. Fiscal rules of EDGAR and OMB apply as any other federal fund.

Can homeschool kids participate in the local school district sports programs?

ORS 339.460, Interscholastic Activities; and OAR 581-021-0033, Interscholastic Activities Eligibility Requirement for Home School Students. Interscholastic activities include those activities administered by the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA). Home schooled students must be tested every year and must score at or above the 23rd percentile to be eligible to participate in interscholastic activities. Assessment scores must be submitted annually to the school district by the student’s parent or legal guardian. A school district may adopt alternative methods to determine eligibility, including a portfolio of work samples.

Where do students access Special Education services, if needed?

Local Education Service District (ESD) and local school districts are not required by law to provide educational materials or services for students who are being home schooled. Acquisition of these materials is the responsibility of the parent. However, some school districts may be able to provide materials on loan. A deposit may be charged. Various instructional materials and other resources are available on the Department of Education’s website.


For private and charter schools, the local school district sends SPED teachers to the school. A school district must provide IDEA funds to charter schools that reside in their district on the same basis as the school district provides IDEA funds to other public schools in the district, including proportional distribution based on relative enrollment of children with disabilities, at the same time as funds are distributed to other public schools in the district.

Art Class

You have choices

Blue Skies

Private Schools

In the Salem-Keizer Area

Willamette Valley Christian School in Brooks, Oregon began as a church ministry in 1967 outside of Woodburn. Today it is an independent, non-denominational ministry serving the Christian community of Oregon's Mid-Willamette Valley. WVCS offers preschool, elementary and secondary grade levels.


Riviera Christian School is located in West Salem and offers fundamentally sound curriculum along with a Christian Education.

Capital Christian School has been serving the Salem community for over 30 years. Formerly known as Sonshine Christian School, Capital Christian School is a ministry of Salem First Baptist Church.

The school’s purpose is to assist the family in providing Christ-centered, Bible-based education that supports the uniqueness of each student and lays the foundation for the development of moral character, the pursuit of excellence in academics, and a lifestyle of service to God and others.  Located in Salem, Oregon.

The Verathon model assembles students into 12-person learning pods by grade. Each pod is matched to a professional teacher for in-person daily instruction and guidance.Peoples Church is the first Salem host site for Verathon Academy, a homeschool cohort model designed to create close relationships between teachers and families around a faith-based education.,#503.304.4000,,

"is a micro-school, meaning our purpose and intent is to remain small. We enroll no more than 80 students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade on our main campus, and our classes are multi-grade and never larger than 20 students. We are located in Dallas, Oregon with a satellite location in Stayton, and we run a hybrid school model: Students meet four days a week (8:30am - 2:30pm) in the physical classroom and Fridays are flexible learning days for field trips, at-home learning, extracurricular enrichment or community service."

More info about excellent educational choices 

can be found at 

Magnet Schools

Magnet schools are free public schools operated by school districts that allow kids to focus on a specific learning track, such as STEM, medical science, or performing arts. At a magnet school, all subjects are taught through the lenses of the school’s specific track. At an arts-focused magnet school, for example, students will learn all required classes (math, English, etc.). But, those required classes may include arts-related projects or discussions, and students will take a variety of arts classes as well. When teachers and students share a common passion for a subject, it can make for a vibrant learning community.

Charter Schools

According to ODE: ​Online charter schools are publicly-funded options for families who choose a home-based educational environment, with a traditional curriculum program. Under Oregon law, a charter school is a separate legal entity operating under a binding agreement with a sponsor. Education dollars that go to Charter schools are sometimes shared with distant online schooling.

In Oregon, all charter schools are public. They must be open to all students, adhere to state and federal regulations, and cannot charge tuition or fees. However, charter schools are granted some flexibility from some laws that apply to traditional public schools. In addition to these flexibilities, charter schools can request further exemptions from certain laws in ORS Chapter 338. By approval from the State Board of Education, charter schools in Oregon can request waivers if these waivers promote the ideas of equity and choice to families who may otherwise not have access to these charter schools.

If your child is enrolled in an online public school, you do not need to register as a homeschooler, but you may participate in many homeschool programs while attending a public charter school.​ More information about Charter Schools, both in-person and virtual, can be found on ODE's Charter School webpage.​​

Learn at Home Oregon

Alsea School district has put together a learn from home school for K-8th grade. Considered by some as "Just the Facts" style education, you can guarantee that your child will be taught high standard academics and bridge learning gaps created by Comprehensive Distance Learning.

Fossil Distance Learning Program

It is a public charter school that pays for curriculum for each child. However, you can't use Christian curriculum with that money. While they call it “distance learning”, it is done at home and parents select the curriculum they want."

Silvies River Charter School

It is a hybrid online program offering students a full menu of online classes as well field trips, labs, and other face to face educational opportunities.  We specialize in individualizing each child's education through learning curriculum, highly relational teaching, and interactive support systems. Each student is assigned a mentor teacher that is able to visit the students in their local communities.  All teachers are Oregon TSPC certified instructors who care deeply about students and want to make their education meaningful and challenging.

Baker Charter School

It is an at home school curriculum choice program. (Click Here)

Baker is more “formatted”. They don’t give parents money, but they provide the curriculum and monitoring learning. Twice a month a teacher pays home visits. They do not have any faith based curriculum.

Pine Eagle Charter Schools & Web Academy

Pine Eagle Charter School is a public charter school located in Halfway, Baker County, Oregon. It is a K–12 public school and only school in the Pine Eagle School District. Shawn Thatcher is the pastor at Pine Baptist Church and also works in administration at Pine Eagle Charter Schools, which includes a one room distance learning classroom. 

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