It is up to the PARENT
 to opt out of questionable material at school.
It isn't the responsibility of the school.

It is the parent's responsibility to ask to see the curriculum and online resources and extra handouts given, to make sure that the values at school line up with what the family values.  
Usually the school will include an Opt Out form in the initial packet of school information at the beginning of the year which can be easily missed. However, a parent or caregiver can hand in an opt out notice at any time during the year, and/or simply write/type a personal note and ask for the child to be outed out of such and such. The key then is to follow through if the school does not honor the request or if they bully or isolate your child in any way because they are opting out, by writing a complaint to hold the administrators accountable.​

OREGON'S YEARLY OPT OUT FORM from Pacific Justice Institute at and give it to your child's teacher and school office. Keep a copy for yourself. 

Comprehensive Sex Ed
Health Surveys,
Health Exams

It's always a good idea to opt out of all surveys because this is where sexual ideas are often planted in children's minds.

Because of so many radical changes to curriculum in the 2021-2022 school year, Jeff Meyers from SAVE OREGON SCHOOLS,,
has put together a more comprehensive
OPT OUT form for 2022 

For more tools such as a COVID exemption form, sample letters that you can write to your teacher or principal, and (FOIA) Freedom of Information Act form to request information from the District, look under the drop down menu of the MORE tab at the top of the page and choose RESOURCES & INFO.

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