Oregon has one official form that allows you to opt out of several things. It is up to the PARENT to ask to opt out, not the school. It is the parent's responsibility to ask to see the curriculum and online resources and extra handouts given to make sure that the values line up with what your family believes. 

Download Oregon's yearly

OPT OUT FORM and give it to your child's teacher and school office.  And keep a copy for yourself. 

  • Comprehensive Sex Education,

  • Health Surveys,

  • Health Exams


For more tools such as a COVID exemption form, sample letters that you can write to your teacher or principal, and (FOIA) Freedom of Information Act form to request information from the District, look under the drop down menu of the MORE tab at the top of the page and choose RESOURCES & INFO.

If you need an additional tool or type of opt out form or information that you can't find,  please message us with what you are looking for and we will try and find it for you! 
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