Homeschool Resources

The last couple of years found many of us homeschooling unexpectedly, not knowing where to start and feeling alone. 

The first steps you need to take is to unenroll from public school. 

STEP 1: How to Unenroll

Send a certified letter to Willamette ESD and notify them of your intent to homeschool.

A sample letter could look like this: 

Willamette ESD

2611 Pringle Road SE

Salem, OR 97302

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is___________ and I would like my student (NAME HERE) who attends (School Name Here), unenrolled, as we intend to homeschool this school year effective immediately.


(Your name and address here)

STEP 2: Get Conneted

There are a multitude of homeschool organizations and community groups out there. This will greatly help you to create a schedule, choose curriculum, access resources, etc.


OCEANetwork is a great resource for parents wishing to homeschool. Regardless of affiliation, OCEANetwork has many resources and videos for families just starting out homeschool.