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ODE Releases EMAIL Supporting Gender Expansive Students: Guidance for Schools Jan 6, 2023

In response to the new bulletin by ODE ..."ensuring that Oregon's gender expansive students have access to all the same opportunities for learning, achievement, and success as their peers––without fear of discrimination and harassment."

Absolutely, every child should feel welcomed and have equal access to success without fear or harassment. But this steps over the line, prioritizing one class of children over another. It "moves far beyond tolerance, requiring compulsory acceptance and celebration.  Suzanne Gallagher, PRIE. 

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Something to think about

GENDER DYSPHORIA  among 6-17 y/o's rose by 170% since 


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TRANS STUDENT POLICY in Salem Keizer Public Schools. This policy was being adopted without informing parents or even the school board. If this offends you, please fill out a complaint form at

Feedback on what the community wanted in a new Superintendent just closed. See more at the school district website

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TRANSPARENCY iin K-12 education - De escalating the curriculum wars, Chris Rufo


The Salem Keizer School Board Recall was not successful. Although they gathered close to 14 thousand signatures for each Progressive Board Director, it was not enough to put the recall on a ballot for the community to vote on.

The deadline to submit signatures was November 23rd. However, they are continuing to collect petitions and may try to Recall the Directors again. 


However, you can continue to download the petitions at

and mail it to: 

Salem Keizer Education First, 

PO Box 8099, Salem, OR 97303

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State driven campaign to get rid of PARENTS RIGHTS, Stand for Health Freedom.-- Hanging on to parent's right to direct the upbringing of their own children has got to be the highest priority of this decade!


Oregon Education Department Wants Schools to Hide Gender Identities from Parents, Teach Queer Theory

Townhall: A guide published by the Oregon Public of Education (ODE), encourages schools to hide students’ gender identity from their parents. In the 48-page document, the guide tells students to hide their gender identity from parents as well as pushes the woke ideology queer theory and the idea that a person can be a different gender from what they were biologically born. Titled, “Supporting Gender Expansive Students, Guidance for Schools,” explains what to do if students are concerned about their parents finding out about their gender preference (Townhall).

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Salem-Keizer School District is in the process of adopting a new health curriculum for the 2023-24 school year. Some schools have been teaching this curriculum but it has not been formally adopted yet and we have noticed that every year changes are made to familiar material that becomes more concerning. 


Our concern is that the school district has been gradually and intentionally transforming education and with it the values that our children grow up with. Curriculum can start out benign appearing but every year changes are made until the material no longer aligns with traditional family values. 

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#SexEdForAll, Comprehensive Sex Ed Proponents Admit Teaching Children Sexual ‘Pleasure’ Is a Primary Goal, 2020 report on


Jeff Meyers from Save Oregon Schools is hosted by Parents Defending Education to discuss restorative justice and his first-hand experience of what it did to his local schools. 



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PARENT guidebook to fight CRT in schools, by Chris Rufo

Hanging on to a PARENTS'S right to direct the upbringing of their own children has got to be the highest PRIORITY of this decade!

State driven campaign to get rid of PARENTS RIGHTS, Stand for Health Freedom

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PARENT guidebook to fight CRT in schools, by Chris Rufo


Several of us met with our superintendent and staff today for a follow-up meeting in our district. Most of it applies to our district but wanted to share one thing here on IPO. They said other than the 10 of us that have been meeting with them they have not received complaints about the health curriculum. Wait. What?! We have tried to explain there are many people not happy with the health curriculum! What about the emails to the superintendent? The packed rooms at the board meetings? The public comments?

They requested that if there are people that are actually unhappy they need to fill out a formal complaint and turn it in.

Posted from social media, name withheld to protect anonymity

ADM-P008 (ADM-P008 in Spanish)

We must do this for EVERYTHING! 

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LEVEL TWO Formal complaint You must submit a letter, which includes the following information: --your name --contact information --A description of the incident, including what happened, when, where, names of those involved, and names of any witnesses --student’s name (if appropriate) --a description of what actions the complainant has taken to resolve the issue --suggestions for resolving the issue (optional) This letter should be sent to the appropriate principal or department supervisor. Make sure and CC kidsfirst@skwestandtogether, media if appropriate, and friends. This sheds light on the situation putting pressure on the District to do something.


 At the November school board meeting, the Salem-Keizer School Board directors appointed Robert Salazar as the new director to represent Zone 6. Salazar spent 45 years in education prior to retirement, serving as principal at Myers and Washington elementary schools in the Salem-Keizer district. Danielle, also a County Commissioner, submitted her resignation to the SKSB after being essentially muzzled and shut out of the decision making by the Democratic Socialist Progressive slate. And, like a good mother, she was seeking a better educational experience for her own children. Mr Salazar will have to run and win at the March 2023 election if he wants to keep his seat.

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EQUITY disparities may be more about family structure than racism. Black Anti-Woke Movement Busts Critical Race Theory Agenda Penka Arsova May 24, 2021 Take Charge, a black-led led organization that opposes critical race theory, highlighted several findings that dispute that racism is responsible for certain disparities between ethnic groups in the U.S.

Every voice makes a difference and shapes the ideas around us. We want to build courage to engage by leading respectful, intelligent and authentic conversations.


Family Together_edited.jpg

"If you don’t insulate your child against woke indoctrination, public school will insulate them against your values instead." 

Can you imagine having to talk about your sex life at work to establish workplace collegiality? Divulging personal information should not be a prerequisite to learning history. School is for academic instruction, not group therapy.

But that’s exactly what SEL facilitates — a navel-gazing, emotional environment that pretends to enhance learning when really it distracts from it. Some approaches to SEL seem to focus on helping children manage their emotions and make important decisions, but children primarily look to their parents for these important life skills, rather than government employees.

SEL and CRT programs claim to make children “feel safe,” but often these pedagogies make children feel vulnerable and disoriented so that the child will cling to whatever the teacher prescribes to extinguish the social anxiety created by SEL in the first place. The result is inappropriate emotional bonds forged in place of healthy professional relationships and academic pursuits.

Nicole Solas, Daily Caller, 8-22-22, Independent Woman's Network.

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