We stand for you

Yesterday we had our coming out party! A group of about 40 business people met for breakfast to meet our team and talk about the state of education in our community. Salem Keizer We Stand Together (SKWST) is a group of concerned community members who want to encourage respectful community engagement and return our schools to a place of excellence again, free of opinions and progressive ideologies because schools train the next generation, and quite frankly, those ideas are not working!

There have been stories all across our nation about the changes happening at schools and the parents who are starting to push back. Yet I would be surprised if more than 15% of residents in Salem Keizer knew about the changes at school that are taking place right here. These ideas have been germinating for over forty years but our Superintendent has been less than transparent or honest with the public about the complete transformation that she has implemented.

And this spring was the big reveal - a bit prematurely - since an administrator leaked the documents to our team that showed the Superintendents plans to codify rules that had been unofficially in place for at least the last three years. I am referring to the transgender policies - allowing a five year old to transition his/her/their gender without their parents knowledge - policies that apparently the District had no intention of telling the public, the parents, or the School Board about! (See our Resources page, drop down menu Research & Info, SKPS Transgender Policies). And, there is also the reveal of constant serious safety issues that have developed under the School District's social justice policies that don't hold students accountable for their behavior.

There are many important issues facing us today. But how our children think and the way they approach the world is the most important issue we have! It is the ideology that is at the root of everything else that happens. Children are our future and the perspective that is taught to them will affect every single one of us tomorrow by the quality of neighbors, employers, parents, leaders, mechanics, pilots, surgeons, etc., that they become... or don't become.

What happens at school affects every single one of us and we all need to pay attention to what goes on there -- even if your kids are out of school or going to a private or homeschool. There have been enormous changes going on right under our noses with no attempt to inform the public, parents, or even the school board. And it is harming every single person in this community. You may not feel it today or tomorrow, but you will. We are all connected. And we should be about helping and taking care of one another.

Our community and our culture need your voice- your influence -your help to restore education to a place of value and opportunity for every student. I hope you will stand with us by signing up on the website and starting a conversation or asking a question in the community that you are in.

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