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Feb 08, 2022
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It was so cold today and we could barely feel our fingers and toes! But so many families and friends showed up to support mask choice. They made signs and waved flags and felt pride in speaking up about how harmful ongoing masking is to children. Children need to see faces to understand expressions and learn how to form words. There is so much non verbal information that goes into relationships that is lost when half the face is covered. Thank you to everyone who came to stand together to stand for parents as the decision maker, and for the freedom to choose! Thank you for standing up for kids and common sense. You were awesome! And Jenny McGuire who led this rally is amazing! She did such a great job getting everyone together! Thank you, Jenny, and Casity, and Chelsea, and Mandy for your help and leadership! Super job!
It was so encouraging to stand together today for mask choice at the rally on Lancaster Drive! content media


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